Recommended New Puppy Supplies


Everyone has their favorite items they recommend to new puppy buyers/owners.  Here are mine.  They are by no means a mandatory list - this is just meant as a guide for jump-starting you getting your home ready for a new puppy. 


1.  Crate - I use metal wire crates- 24 " length.  I prefer those with two doors, as it allows for different configurations in your home.  You can also use the soft-sided crates, which are good for travel.  Both the wire and the soft-sided crates fold up.



   2.  Crate pad - I use fleece or similar material pads with "bumpers" or borders.  You can use any kind of cloth pad, padded is  nicer.  You can even make your own.  Buy at least two for every crate, as one is always in the wash!


3.  Leash - There are basically two types of leashes - the retractible leash, which is on a reel, and the old-fashioned leash.  Retractible leashes are good for solitary walks but you need a normal leash to maintain a good control, such as training or walking around others.



4.  Collar/Harness - I prefer a collar for off-leash activities. Young puppies will need a very small collar, sometimes a cat collar size. They will grow to have an 8-12" neck size fully grown.  For walking on a leash, I recommend a harness for two reasons: 1) a small puppy is wiggly and squirmy and a harness is more secure and the puppy is less likely to get out of it, and 2) when walking on a leash, a new puppy will pull and a collar puts pressure on the throat, thereby risking injury to the thyroid gland and causing coughing and gagging.  Be sure to buy a harness that has its front strap low and on the chest, off the throat area.



5.  I.D. tag  - A must - in addition to the microchip.  There are two types, hanging and the kind that slides over the collar.  The slide kind is safer, as hanging tags can occasionally catch on something and cause a problem.  However, they are harder to find.  Whichever one you choose, make sure you mark it with the puppy's name, your name and your cell phone number. 



6.  X-pen - Short for "exercise" pen, this is an invaluable item, I have several of them.  They are used as "playpens" for the puppy or dog and can be configured in different shapes. You can put two or more together to make a bigger pen. You can open it and use it as a large barrier.  I have even used it to surround a Christmas tree.  There are new, soft-sided play areas also.


7.  Food Dishes - I recommend stainless steel or ceramic, as they are non-porous and cannot harbor bacteria.  Although on the floor is fine, there are fancy elevated dish stands that can hold the bowls. 


8.  Toys - Different dogs like different toys and there are many kinds out there.  Puppies and dogs who spend time alone will like the hard rubber toys such as the Kong brand that hide treats inside and the dog has to work it out.  My dogs love anything stuffed with a squeaker inside - but beware, they LOVE to "kill" the toy by biting a hole init and taking all the stuffing out to get to the squeaker.  An alternative to that is Skineeze, which are plush squeaky toys with all the stuffing removed.



 9.  Treats - Do NOT BUY ANY TREATS MADE IN CHINA!  Read the labels - treats made in China have been contaminated and linked to kidney failure and deaths in dogs.  Do NOT ASSUME name brands are safe - as of this writing, brands such as Old Roy, Milo's Treats, Waggin Trails and many others are made in China.  Buy only treats made in the USA, or better yet, make your own dog biscuits or chicken jerkey in a dehydrator.  Below are a few good treats made in the USA.

Benny Bullys Beef Liver Infused with Real Ingredients      


10.  Grooming Tools - You wll need a pin brush and a fine tooth comb for everyday grooming.  Also, a good pet nailclipper is essential.  Extras include dematting tools, good grooming scissors and possibly clippers.




11.  Bathing - Puppy-safe shampoo and conditioner will go a long way to helping avoid mats in long fur and making your puppy's coat soft and healthy.  Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, not a generic or grocery store brand.  One of my favorites is listed below, but there are many good quality products on the market.