These Are a Few of My Favorite Things     



 Nature's Variety - Prairie dog food

contains no soy, corn or wheat products and the dogs love it



 Ian Dunbar's traininng books                                                            The Whole Dog Journal

Great advice for before and after you get your puppy.                                               Subscription - great articles & advice



Havanese Breed Magazine                              Havanese and puppy books by Suzanne McKay





  Solo Pet Doors                                                                     Puppy Bumpers

I have two of these - opened by magnets on the dogs' collars.                    These are great to prevent falls through railings.



  Handmade dog sweaters from                             Metal I.D. tags 




  Frontline Plus (for flea prevention)                      Interceptor (for heartworm preventions)




  Pet Silk (shampoo and conditioner)



  Merrick Dog food                                                           Hills Science Rx diet - T/D kibble (for teeth)





  Nesco Dehydrator (make your own treats)                    Gimborn dried liver treats