Avonlea Havanese

Owning, loving and breeding the most adorable breed of companion/toy dogs.  Anyone who has met a Havanese knows that they steal your heart within minutes of meeting them.  We welcome you to this website and invite you to sneak a peek at some much-loved Havanese dogs. Enjoy your browsing.


   Our Dogs   



Winnie and Cammi                                                                                    Minka





Luna                                                                                                    Penny


Maisie                                                                            Tibi

Avonlea Havanese is located in southeast PA, near the DE/MD border, breeding Havanese since 2000.



        So, what is a Havanese like, you ask?  Oh, just the most adorable, mischievous, fun-loving, clownish, devoted, human-worshipping, non-shedding, hypoallergenic, addictive little dog there is.

But of course, if you have met a Havanese, you already knew that!





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For more information and availability of puppies, please email Phyllis at phylcroberts@aol.com.

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